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About the Firm

Valenzuela & Ginzburg, A Professional Law Corporation (all references to Valenzuela & Ginzburg in this website refer to Valenzuela & Ginzburg, A Professional Law Corporation) is dedicated to providing exceptional service to clients. Over the last 10 years our firm has been meeting the challenges of the evolving workers compensation legal system.  We provide  sound legal advice, balancing the goals of our clients with most creative ways to accomplish them.  

We meet the needs of our clients through collaborative efforts to provide successful results on a cost benefit basis. We invite our clients to actively participate in the defense of their claims by being present at depositions and hearings. It is our understanding of our clients’ needs to resolve cases quickly and efficiently that makes Valenzuela & Ginzburg unique amongst all other defense firms.

Valenzuela & Ginzburg specializes in all aspects of the defense of California workers’ compensation claims, including Labor Code Section 132a and Serious & Willful Misconduct Petitions. Valenzuela & Ginzburg has been certified as a Disadvantaged/Minority/ Women Business Enterprise (DBE/MBE/WBE) by the Federal Government and State of California.

The Firm takes particular pride in the high level and quality of attention which is given to each case. A file is assigned at the time of receipt to one of our highly qualified attorneys and every effort is made to ensure that the file remains with that attorney exclusively. Representative clients include a wide variety of workers’ compensation insurers, third-party administrators and self-insured employers in California.